The Out-Rover  TM


The Out-Rover was designed  to take the place of expensive outriggers and also has proven to be one of the best in-line fishing  teasers on the market.  The Out-Rovers Patented Port and Starboard design makes it possible for you to fish more lines while trolling, and impossible to crossover and tangle lines.  The Out-Rover comes pre-rigged and ready to use. 

Dimensions - The Out-Rover measures 12 inches long and 6 inches wide and weights approximately 11.5 oz .

Material -  Lightweight polypropylene plastic which is one of the hardest  plastics none to man..

Rigging-   The Out-Rover comes rigged with18 inches  400 lb. monofilament leader and 200 lb. swivels.

Trolling speed- The recommended trolling speed for the Out-Rover is 6 - 10 Knots.

Colors- The Out-Rover comes in 6 different colors.  Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Blue and Black.

Guarantee-   The Out-Rover comes with a manufactures lifetime Guarantee.